Tips for Working in hot weather

If the thermometer above 30 degrees Celsius shows makes even the most beautiful office job no longer fun. Construction workers and other professionals in the open are suffering even more from the heat. We will inform you on how to make the time until closing time more bearable.

Working in hot weather Tips

“Air, fresh air,” said everyone who enters his morning warm and stuffy office thinks. Who then aired in the morning, it’s correct. “It is most efficient when you open the doors or windows opposite,” says Dr. Kersten Bux, climate expert of Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Instead of hot midday air flows so cool morning air in the room. Anyone preferring instead turning up the air conditioning, it should not overdo it. Otherwise there is a heat exhaustion at a too large temperature difference to outside while walking outside.

Working in hot weatherHow high the thermometer may climb in the office, regulates the updated last year workplace rule. “Nonetheless, there are workers for no direct legal right to, for example, air-conditioned rooms ” said Bux. He recommends not to place unnecessary heat sources such as printers, scanners and copiers in the workroom or at least restrict their use.

A popular way to get at the heat in office: a desk fan. But: “The sound of the fan can in group or open-plan offices other colleagues disturb” warns climate expert. “There is also by the strong airflow, the risk of getting a stiff neck.” Better: shutting out the sun with roller blinds or awnings.

Who can manage it, his work day begins early in the summer, enjoying the afternoon sun a few hours in the countryside. “Physically heavy work should be avoided or reduced in the hot hours

and insert short breaks again, “advises Bux. If the boss does not loosen the tie forced even in summer, bright, air-permeable and loose-fitting clothing prevents the largest accumulation of heat. Light footwear is also available in Office-compatible form. For cooling in between can flow through the wrists cool water.

Hat on instead Kudos

Those who work outdoors should be protected especially. “Above all, carpenters, roofers, road builders and masons, as well as many other employees of the construction industry suffer from the heat. The first signs of nausea and dizziness or loss of consciousness may indicate an impending heat stroke and should be taken seriously,” warns the professional association of construction industry. On hot days, it is particularly important during the work, to drink up to four liters of fluid. Especially to drinks like tap water, mineral water, herbal and fruit teas and diluted fruit juices are.

Various studies show that construction workers take a 4.7-fold higher dose of UV rays than employees who stay in closed rooms. Sunscreen with SPF 30 is sufficient alone is not always to prevent skin damage. “The body must be clothed and the head be covered”, recommends the Professional Association. “A pair of sunglasses with UV indicator protects the sensitive retina of the eyes.” The company doctors of occupational medicine department offer to the checkups to detect cancer suspicious skin changes in good time.