What Should Eat During Pregnancy

during pregnancy diet

Experts recommend a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Pregnant women should refrain from finished products and fast food.

Hardly coffee and nothing Raw- but please for much calcium: Pregnant be considered from all sides with nutrition tips. Women often find it difficult to assess the variety of suggestions properly.”There are constantly new recommendations, which contradict each other in part. I’ve been watching the skeptical,” says the midwife practitioner Mariya Susan. Too severe diet is rather counterproductive, eventually would have the expectant mother and her baby getting all the essential nutrients. What Experts advise:

Fruits and vegetables: Pregnant-diet should include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. They provide important vitamins, minerals and fiber and phytochemicals and antioxidants. Here science no variety is known, must be eliminated altogether, the expectant mothers.

“You hear about often those expectant mothers no legumes and no leek plants like onions should eat, “says Susan. Reason is that they are difficult to digest and cause some bloating or nausea. “Who can tolerate, but can access calm.” True, there are bans on fruit and vegetables only in product selection and preparation: It is important to refrain from pre-packaged prepared salads, pre-cut fruits and unheated sprouts. You can be contaminated with germs that are harmful to the baby. In addition, raw fruits and vegetables should be consumed only if they are well washed.

During Pregnancy raw fish and raw meat are taboo

Meat and fish:

They contain proteins and provide pregnant women with substances such as iron and iodine. But: All products are raw, not sufficiently heated or cold-smoked, are taboo. In addition, there are red meat, steak tartare and sushi, as well as smoked salmon and raw sausage such as salami. “These foods may be contaminated with hazardous germs, can cause disease, labor and miscarriage,” says gynecologist Dr. Christian Albring. Also sparingly on the plate should not or highly mercury contaminated fish, such as swordfish or Merlin come. Also offal such as liver can contain harmful substances such as heavy metals.

Dairy products and eggs:

Pregnant have a high need for calcium . Dairy products meet the needs best. Eggs and egg dishes provide the body, for example with iron and folic acid. But again: Do not eat raw! “This means no unpasteurized dairy products like raw milk Camembert and not raw or undercooked eggs, yet foods like Tiramisu, it contained,” says dietician Margret Morlo. Also, such foods might be contaminated with pathogens.

Finished products and fast food:

Experts believe that during pregnancy is problematic. This is especially true when artificial additives such as flavor enhancers contain sugar set substances or dyes. You strain on the body of the mother, and experts fear that they will also harm the unborn child, by increasing about his allergy risk. And: Even pregnant women must pay attention to their weight. Being overweight can lead to diseases such as high blood pressure. In addition, it is more common in over-fed babies to complications such as premature birth.


Two to three liters of fluid a day should drink Pregnant – mostly water and unsweetened drinks. The top priority of abstaining from alcohol, since these can damage the central nervous system of the unborn demonstrably strong. Containing quinine beverages such as Bitter Lemon, acting blowing stimulating in large quantity.

Therefore, it is also here: Better to be cautious. This also applies to caffeine. Coffee and Co. are not completely banned – allowed every day about 300 milligrams, which corresponds to two cups of coffee.