Go out with wet hair makes you sick?

wet hair

In our hectic daily routine, some people do not even find time to blow-dry their hair after washing. If they then go out with wet hair, they endanger their health. At least my the many. But is this really?

Health Myths from grandmothers
Vitamin C prevents colds “,” On cold soils can catch a cold the bubbles “: These and similar myths from grandmothers are widely used. Some agree, some do not, and for some there is no clear evidence yet unequivocal rebuttals. In any case, you should wet swimsuits and swimwear after swimming immediately change to avoid a bladder infection. Then health experts have recently pointed. Even on the assumption that you will be sick if you leave the house with wet hair, is widely used. In a communication an expert, what the guess is really tuned explained.

Bacteria have no chance against a strong defense system
Stephan Bernhardt says that you have to answer such questions with yes and no. “Sick one is not due to wet hair, but by bacteria,” said the doctor. Bernhardt explained that the body constantly fights bacteria and thus protects us from disease.

If, for example, freezes because wet hair, it is for the body to ward off heavy, all bacteria. Even cold feet increase the risk that pathogens may be less well controlled. However, if the immune system is strong enough, then the bacteria have no chance even with wet hair. In addition, According to the experts it is habituation thing, because who often goes out with wet hair, used his body because he is losing heat through your head. As Bernhardt said, there is also a bit on what you persuades himself: “Whoever thinks firmly to a cold when he goes out with wet hair, gets one too.”