Trying To Improve Skin Health? Get More Sleep

If you’re like me, then you probably don’t get enough sleep. I mean, there’s so much stuff to do in a day, I can barely get it all in, and a lot of times I’ll find myself up past midnight… again… trying to get everything taken care of. Then I fall into bed, exhausted. But my mind is still working overtime even if my body isn’t, and when I finally do sleep, I wake up a few hours later to that stupid alarm, grab coffee, plaster some makeup on so hopefully I won’t look as tired as I feel, and then I’m off to do it all again.

Improve Skin Health

Improve Skin HealthWell, at least that used to be the case. Then a while ago, I read about a few studies about sleep deprivation actually does to your body. I think you probably could have literally heard my jaw hitting the floor when I found out that not getting enough sleep is actually part of the cause of obesity. No joke, people who don’t get good, quality sleep are almost twice as likely to be obese.

And it didn’t stop there. Obviously, I care a lot about beauty. Well, guess what? A clinical trial by Esteé Lauder found that people who don’t get enough sleep have reduced skin health, and accelerated skin aging. And think about it, your skin is what stands between you and all the nasty stuff out there like environmental toxins and harmful UV radiation. So, basically, taking shortcuts in your sleeping routine is taking a shortcut to an early grave. And the worst part is that your skin is going to age faster, which means you’re not going to look pretty when you get there.

I admit, I panicked a little after I read all those articles, and my next step was figuring out the easiest way to solve the problem. I can’t really cut out all the things I have to do every day, can I? So, my initial search for a solution led to me using these things called binaural beats for a better sleep. All I have to say about that is, wow! I think I got the best sleep ever that night and every night since.

And the best part about all of this? Once I started getting better sleep, I actually managed to cut out some of the things I was doing every day and have even more time to get quality sleep. I don’t need to spend an extra half an hour on my morning makeup routine covering the effects of poor sleep, because one of the side effects of getting quality sleep means my skin is naturally more radiant, more elastic, and healthier looking. And I can skip the coffee too, because I wake up feeling energetic and ready to face the day.

So if you want the single best weapon you can add to your beauty arsenal to look and feel younger and more beautiful every day, then catch some good ZZZZs.