Three things to know about mineral water

Three things to know about mineral water for the prevention of many harmful disease. Now a day mineral water helps to produce many diseases. Before taking mineral water consumer should ensure the quality of mineral water. For mineral water, a number of rules apply – in the restaurant and on the supermarket shelf. Even baby water must meet certain requirements. About mineral water consumers should be know three things:


Natural mineral water is a protected term. According to the Information Center German mineral water (IDM) is the only food which gets an official recognition. Natural mineral water is bottled directly at the source and can hardly be treated. Allows the water to escape sulfur and iron and to admit carbon dioxide or to withdraw is. It is different with sheet or spring water. Both waters have no official recognition, bottled water is produced artificially.


If you order a mineral water in the restaurant, it must at the table in the closed bottle get served. It prescribes the mineral and table water regulation. The waiter must open the bottle therefore only at the table – so the quality should be secured on the way to the consumer.

Baby Water:

Special baby water have hardly any advantages compared to other mineral. As baby water advertised products are up to three times more expensive than conventional mineral water, which is also suitable for the preparation of infant formula.

Even on “normal” mineral water bottles sometimes is the note: suitable for the preparation of infant formula. That means that the water is as neutral as possible and does not contain high amounts of minerals, explains the IDM. The notice must appear on the label if certain maximum values are not exceeded in minerals. Better than other waters are those not – just different.

Luxury drinks in trend

Demand for expensive premium water rises in posh glass bottles. “The observed decline in recent years, the glass bottle is stopped. There is even a slight growth again,”Mineral Water

Heeled glass bottles lovers can resort to the alleged “champagne of mineral waters” in the occupied with crystals bottle. The imported Nobel water in the world is sold at prices ranging from 100 dollar and more.

For an average of 0.02 cents per liter against tap water from the tap was to have incomparably cheap. “It is much cheaper, and it is delivered to your home. This is an unbeatable argument,” said Heldt. It makes sense, however, to let the water run for a while at first.

Still water with little or no carbon dioxide is currently also in the professional bottlers of mineral water industry in the trend. With sales up by 10.6 percent to 1.4 billion liters of still water was last year in different country, the biggest winner in the consumer’s favor.

However, the largest share of total sales in the sector of nearly 14.2 billion liters had the water with little carbonic acid with about 4.7 billion liters (43.6 percent). With 143.6 liters per year of per capita consumption reached a peak in 2014 to mineral water. Even the millennium he had only reached about 100 liters.

In the Dorstener fountain holding pen source be stacked, meanwhile, given the fractured summer the water boxes. Between 40 000 and 45 000 of them leave each day the bottling plant at the edge of the Ruhr area. As with the vast majority of the Fountain is usually sold in the regional environment. Work is also in extra shifts at night – especially if it is hot during the day.