Working pressure and counter-pressure: Three back exercises for the office

back pain exercisesWorking pressure and counter-pressure: Three back exercises for the office. After a day at the office sometimes can hurt the back. Then it is advisable from time to time to incorporate a few exercises.

Three small exercises with a big impact: Those who work at the desk should every now and then loosen and stretch the neck, shoulders and back. That goes without much effort.

To prevent back pain, it helps to make regular small exercises in the office. This prevents employees her back strain for too long on one side. This solves the pain of often says Anette dial Wachendorf, Vice-President of the Association of Operating and company doctors.

Check Three back exercises for the office…..

Tip 1:

For the neck muscles it makes sense to fold their hands in front of the forehead and pressing his head against his hands, which in turn try to push back his head. Thus, the neck muscles relax. Following desk worker fold his hands behind the head, where they produce pressure and counter pressure.

Tip 2:

Now ask professionals on tiptoe and trying to stretch his hands toward the ceiling. “This exercise is best repeated ten times,” advises dial Wachendorf. This stretches the entire spine.

Tips 3:

Always good there, in between to circle his shoulders is. But with his hands grasp her shoulders and painting with his elbow circles in the air