Skinny Jeans Can Endanger Your Health!

Skinny jeans can endanger your health. That wearing extremely tight trousers, so-called skinny jeans, can have especially in the area of ​​the waistband long-term consequences is not unknown. Now even a woman had hospitalized in Australia.

Nightmare! Because they helped their friends when they move, tipped over a young woman. As it turned out later, sat the young woman from the Australian Adelaide, a long time in the squatting position on the floor and verrrichtete work.

Skinny Jeans

On the way home she suddenly felt numbness in the legs, could no longer continue. A randomly attention to them that have become a taxi driver took her to the nearest hospital where you had already cut the jeans because her legs were too swollen to take them off in the normal way.

In the following investigation, it turned out that the legs were injured by internal edema, the pressure in the muscles eventually led to the “collapse”.

The dangerous thing about it: When muscles as strongly affected, it may happen that an enzyme esthete that damages organs and can even lead to their failure. This occurred fortunately not in this case.

But the consequences of too tight pants and skinny jeans can even beyond favoring bladder infections. Who suffers regularly, his fashion choice should take a closer look once. So, Skinny jeans can endanger your health any time.