Shoulder Pain Exercises: Shoulder pain into the arm, what to do?

Did you know that back, neck, and shoulder pain at place one of the most common complaints among the many people? Women are affected with around 70 percent. For men, the number of pain patients is only slightly smaller, namely 57 percent.

Shoulder Pain Exercises

Shoulder Pain ExercisesOften shoulder pain are professionally conditioned, namely when the work mostly sitting, will say, performed at the desk. The always constant movement (mouse, keyboard) lead to poor posture and this in turn to the unpleasant pain in the neck area. If the shoulder pain radiating to the arm, however, this may come from the cervical spine and must necessarily be clarified. Doctors refer then the so-called cervicobrachial.

What is Cervicobrachial?

If “normal” shoulder pain radiating to the arm, and sometimes lead to headaches, one can start from a cervicobrachial. Patients have not only pain in the neck area, but also feel tingling through to numbness. Usually the corresponding nerve root is then irritated.

Cervicobrachial – Causes

  • Poor posture and drafts

First and foremost, poor posture is the cause of the cervicobrachial. It is simply enough, if you have gotten drafts. Such a situation, probably everyone already experienced the pain in the neck and shoulder areas are then usually very strong.

  • Blockages

Likewise, blockages can occur as a cause of severe shoulder pain in question in the area of ​​cervical vertebra. Able to resolve the blockages in-house massage be helpful. However, the best method is still appropriate exercises.

Other possible causes

  • Tumors in the cervical spine
  • Rheumatism
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Nerve palsies
  • Whiplash
  • Angina pectoris

Cervicobrachial – Symptoms

Patients feel, severe pain in the shoulder radiating up the arm. The mobility of the cervical spine is severely limited. This may even go so far that there is a so-called torticollis. Then the head is strongly bent to one side, right or left, and can not be rotated in the opposite direction.

Cervicobrachial Treatment

You can do a lot help to yourself, but it is reasonable to imagine a doctor pain.

➩ Heat treatment

Treatment with heat, most patients have the feeling that triggers the pain, because the tension is loosened. At home you can therefore very well treat with a red light bulb. Also a hot bath relieves pain and goes up heat patches suitable for local pain well.

➩ Massage

Supportive treatment can also be massages. It is best to seek advice, what options are available to increase the pain-releasing effect yet. A massage with mud is more likely to succeed, for example. Massages alone are not usually made.

➩ Physiotherapy

The most common physical therapy is used for the therapy of Cervicobrachial. The exercises not only ensure that the muscles are relaxed, but also this is again strong. The medical practitioner is particularly the mobility of the cervical spine to train with you, as well as working on an upright posture.

➩ Painkillers and their alternatives

If the pain is extreme, the doctor will prescribe pain medication. But this can not be taken on time, goes without saying. Temporary relief to the Shoulder pain into the arm.

To prevent shoulder pain to the arm or general neck tension, stretching exercises are particularly useful. Always pay attention to your posture, especially if you work mostly sitting.