Potato and Garlic for healthy skin

The United States Department of Agriculture suggests that every adult eat between 2 and 3 cups of vegetables daily. This total intake should contain a variety of vegetables, ranging from stringy leafy greens to starchier vegetables like potatoes. Potato skins supply to your vegetable intake for the day and recommend a number of health benefits, especially when prepared using healthy cooking methods.

Potato and Garlic

Potato and Garlic

Garlic: Garlic is full of vitamin A, C & E which is solve with Acne Problems & many other skin problems.

To solve Acne Problems, first you have to fixing a piece of Garlic in your face, specially where, there is an Acne. After 10 minutes you have to wash your face in clean water. After that Acne’s antibiotics elements will vanish immediately.

To prevent premature balirekha & to get skin tight, you can try this facemask. You can use this facemask 1 day during 1 week.

How to make this facemask:

 ½ spoon Corn Flower,

½ spoon Sandalwood Powder with some lemon juice,

Garlic paste, Milk.

Potato: Potato is not only a delicious vegetable but also a wonderful facemask & Scrubber. Especially for dry & black skin, potato is very important element.

To get your skin clean, firstly you pounded a potato, and then rub this potato in your skin very carefully. 4/5 minutes massage your skin. After that you get a beautiful face.

To prevent black circles you can try this pack (Potato paste with milk). You can use this pack in your Neck, throat, and elbow. After dry, clean your body properly. After use some days, you can get a beautiful skin without any black circles.