Penis Does Not Depend On the Length or Thickness

Penis does not depend on the length. It is not the length nor the thickness are according to a survey study alone is responsible for the attractive appearance. “What makes a beautiful penis? What subjective characteristics are important here? “The science also deals with this topic. For a researcher even sexual preference and relationships are important to explore the whole human being. Whether it is the length of the circumference, which is acorn or the testicles, which determines the “beauty” that asked the study team around 100 women.

When the penis does not depend on the length

“As it looks, the beautiful penis?” The doctors wanted the University Children’s Hospital Zurich from 105 women know. The researchers published results in the journal “Journal of Sexual Medicine“. In the journal article, the principal investigator of the result showed surprise.

It is not the length nor the thickness are according to a survey study alone is responsible for the attractive appearance.

Length or girth not only crucial

According to the results were decisive not the features “length or handling”, but the overall impression. In addition, the pubic hair and the skin, or skin color ruled on genitals. Features such as the scope was only mentioned in third place and the length of the sixth. Completely unimportant women the slot was on the penis end. The nature of the urethral opening did not impress the women.


The doctors did not undertake the study, however, from “Jux” but actually for medical reasons. The doctors wanted to know what action has been operated a penis to women. In the clinic, among other boys surgery, suffering from hypospadias (penile hypospadias). This disorder is a developmental disorder of the urethra, which is often corrected at an early age of the patient. In this case, the mouth of the urethra is located differently, as usually is the case. In the survey study therefore wanted the doctors to know if the women make great differences between the operated and non-operated penis.

To this end, the women were submitted images. The subjects did not previously, that it was operating and not see therapierte penises. According to the study report, the participants could hardly tell the difference. Few saw differences here.

The study included women from ages three part (16-20, 25 – 30 and 40 – 45). The more active and older the participants, the more relaxed and open-minded they went to with the subject hypospadias. In all age groups, women were unanimous: “The length is not important.”