What to do if the partner does not want to have sex?

partner does not want to have sexWhat to do if the partner does not want to have sex? Many relationships suffer: A partner wants more sex than the other. Many sufferers have reported to us and all drives have the same question to: What to do? The intimate consultation about Sex and Relationships.

Dr. Eliane Sarasin Ricklin, Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics clarifies on:

“Do not feel like having sex, with women in particular the lack of desire is the most common sexual problem in long-term relationships, many patients’ leads to me… The desire to own partner has slipped away over the years to develop again, a very difficult subject. Because there are several therapies that long but not all are successful.

I want to know from my patients why the lack of sexual desire for them has suddenly become a problem: Why are you looking forward to now, although the situation is perhaps for years?

Most often, then something happens on the outside. The partner begins for example, to make printing or unfaithful. Many women say that for them it was really all right to have sex. You feel by changing the outdoor but under pressure.

The process of recovering the desire is always tiring: you have to deal much with himself. Often it has nothing to do with your partner, but with themselves.

If you have three children, has a job and thus constantly at Japs, passes every desire. Then it comes to create space to cut back to make room for fantasies and to feel attractive again. There is often a long way to go before taking the actual sex in attack. Many get off previously when they realize that it is exhausting. One can make a difference, but to a good cooperation between the parties concerned is necessary.”

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