Loved or scorned Where much is kissed

Kissing is nice! Romantic kisses are part of love and sex life. But that’s the case by no means anywhere in the world. In some cultures, kissing is not common on the lips. A study by US scientists shows, what is in┬áregion of the world most kissed.

Most kiss not on the lips
For many people, the romantic kiss belongs to love or sex. Smooching is not only beautiful but also healthy. Kiss strengthens the immune system and reduces stress , experts emphasize repeatedly. Even high blood pressure and high cholesterol can be lowered as a result of it. But even if there is plenty of pleasant reasons for kissing, it is not everywhere equally widespread.In most cultures of the world, people do not kiss on the mouth, as noted US scientists in a study.

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Evidence of the romantic-sexual kiss
Anthropologists William Jankowiak, Shelly L. Volsche and Justin R. Garcia from the Universities of Nevada and Indiana, reported in the journal “American Anthropologist” by their results. The researchers themselves had no field studies operated, but evaluated scientific, ethnological literature and interviewed 88 colleagues to individual cultures. They found that only 77 of the 168 considered cultures found evidence of the romantic-sexual kiss. In their study, the scientists had defined all the kisses as “romantic-sexual”, which are “lip-on-lip contact” comes at a. Kisses on the cheek, forehead or other body parts were not included in the evaluation.

Where much is kissed

Some find it nauseating
drafted into the study were cultures from almost all parts of the world, from the Maya in Central America, the Wanano in the Amazon region to the Turkana in Kenya. As the anthropologists reported, some of the studied nations knew nothing about kissing. For example, spoke interviewed Pygmy men from their “night work”, at the value they placed only on the frequency of erections. In other regions, the kissing was regarded as disgusting.

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Where is most kissed
especially fond is apparently kissed in the Middle East. In all ten recorded there cultures practiced. In sub-Saharan Africa the smooching is less popular and is there distributed in only four of 31 cultures. For people who live in the ten recognized traditional cultures of Central America, is not kissing. In North America kissing is widespread in 18 of 33 nations surveyed in Europe and smooch seven out of ten observed cultures. According to scientists, is the picture of the kiss that belongs to love and sex, influenced significantly west. He was possibly come in these parts of the world only in fashion, as people better had their oral hygiene in the handle.

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Bacteria exchange canoodling
In cultures where it is widespread, but kissing lifts the mood and makes you happy. Here are unlike many other peoples hygienic considerations lovers’ no reason to give up the beautiful ritual. Although an intense kiss transferred 80 million bacteria , such as Dutch researchers found in an earlier study out, but these bacteria exchange helps that we are hardened. This strengthens the immune system. So kissing promotes health.