Joao Paulo Rodrigues Mens Health Fitness Tips

Joao Paulo Rodrigues Mens Health Fitness Tips. João Paulo Rodrigues did intensive training for eight months, lost 11 kilos of fat and Wednesday not only showed off the new body as revealed is the protagonist of Men’s Health magazine cover.

Joao Paulo Rodrigues Mens Health 2016

“It was very important focus, effort and spirit of resilience, resilience and the result is in sight,” can be read on the Facebook page of Dear Mornings program, SIC, where the 37 year old presenter made the revelation . In direct, João Paulo Rodrigues even took off his shirt to prove fitness.

The personal trainer Pedro Medeiros was a major contributor to the physical change of presenter who already is starting thousands of sighs in social networks.

“Beautiful work. Congratulations to John Paul Rodrigues and his personal trainer. This is the tank that every woman deserves to have at home” and “Congratulations on the motivation and the results” are some of the comments left on Facebook presenter.

Who is João Paulo Rodrigues?

João Paulo Rodrigues is an actor and Portuguese humorist, best known for his character “Quim Screw,” which was part of Portuguese mood series as Telerural, in duo with Pedro Alves, who gave body to the character Zeca Estacionâncio. He was born in Lisbon at 26 of July of 1978.

Joao Paulo Rodrigues Men’s Health — Showed off the new body Video

The truth is that it was the most talked yesterday. The change of João Paulo Rodrigues seems to raise questions but has been received very positively. Some people highlight the example of John Paul Rodrigues and stress that nothing is impossible.

By the way Joao Paulo Rodrigues Mens Health secret tips are not clearly open. It is certain that with or without manipulation of Men’s Health cover images are notorious Portugal the SIC host of differences. It is also true that no one expected this change and hence the reactions were felt.