Be Fit and Slim: The Best Exercises Tips

The Best Exercises Tips: To be fit, we all want. We work hard here until the sweat starts and muscles, joints and tendons pain – we really want at all. Do not be. How do you stay slim fit, and agile, which exercises are the best why this is so important from 40.

So from mid-life, we begin to feel physically Age: It tweaks here, it tweaks there, the breath is always sooner and where once had a smooth body and muscles, as annoying excess fat roll. In contrast, there is a very simple means: movement. And as simply as possible and without much effort. You can do without a gym, without peer pressure, even at home in the apartment.

Best Exercises Tips

The Best Exercises Tips

Fitness booster Tips 1: Your mobility

These are exercises that keep your muscles supple, strengthen and avoid injury or tension. This is actually a prerequisite to enter correctly in sports and fitness. There are simple exercises:

The Ring pulls:

These lie down with his legs drawn up on the back. Pull one leg with your hands up to the chest, stretching the other as far as you can from the horizontal. Hold for ten seconds and then alternate. The exercises make ten to 15 times.

Purpose of Exercise: This helps the buttocks and lower back muscles. So you can avoid back pain and lumbar problems.

Next the Chest:

Upright stand, merge the arms with hands folded over your chest, so that touch the elbow. Now press lightly for a few seconds against each other. Then open your arms and pull back as far as you can, the thumb of open palms facing backward. Again some seconds hold – then repeat. About 15 to 20 times.

Purpose of the exercise: To expand and stretch the chest muscles

The Standwaage

The level scale is a gymnastic exercise, which is performed on the balance beam and floor exercise at. In a state of balance standing on one leg while the other stretched at 90 ° or higher indicates backwards. The arms are stretched out to the left and right. This attitude usually must be kept for 3-5 seconds.

Imagine with arms outstretched upright. Shift your weight onto your right foot and now slowly go to the upper body in a horizontal position. Here, the left leg goes backwards. Hold for about 15 seconds, then switch. Highest ten times. If you are on shaky, adjust immediately during exercise.

Purpose of the exercise: A very important exercise for your balance, your sense of balance and for the mobility of the hips.

the Standwaage

The leg extension

Kneel on the floor, place your upper body on your thighs and stretch your arms forward. Now slide the upper body slowly forward until you lie flat on the floor. The palms must be flat on the floor. Now raise your head and shoulders as high as you can, hold for about 15 seconds. Then get back, about eight to ten times.

Purpose of the exercise: To stretch the lower back and strengthen your back muscles. Important for office stool.

Fitness booster Tips 2: Their physical strength

Make yourself nothing before – without power as it gets. You must be physically fit; your muscles must be able to exert force, to do exercises, to be truly fit. Do not be afraid to train you do not have to and in combustion engines, you have no weights heave and tug at rowing equipment until you almost fall off the arms. Use what you’ve got now completely determined: your weight. These are the Best Exercises tips for good health. This can strengthen muscles and joints – all without tools.

The bridge:

Lie on your back and tighten the legs until the feet are flat on the floor. Now lift your hips and remain several Stunned. The whole 10 times after each other. The heavier variant: make only one foot on the ground, lift the other and do the exercise “one leg”. This also strengthens your sense of balance.

Purpose of the exercise: They strengthen the muscles, the trunk and the thighs. And improve your balance.

The Push-up:

Lie on your belly, so that your weight rests on feet, knees and hands. The upper body lowered to a few inches above the ground (do not touch), then push up with your arms to the starting position. This exercise increase slowly until you create 15 pushups.

Purpose of the exercise: Increase muscle strength in the shoulders, arms and torso.

The Brachialis exercises:

Lie down on the belly, stretch you spread your arms forward. The edge of the hand faces down, the thumbs up. Now lift up your arms as far as you can. Maintain this position for a few minutes and repeat 15 times.

Purpose of the exercise: They will strengthen the shoulder girdle brain, which helps to avoid back pain.

The forearm support:

Lie on your belly and support your upper body on your forearms on. Then you lift the hips up and hold the position ten to 15 seconds. Once you have mastered this exercise, then you can move on to a heavier version: press trunk, hips and knees up so that your time with Verified rests only on your forearms and toes.

Purpose of the exercise: This provides more strength for the buttocks, trunk and shoulder girdle.

Fitness Booster Tips 3: Your Stamina

The nuts and bolts of everything you want to do for your health is endurance. It makes no sense to train once a week until you are about to collapse, and then again for days stay. So that you build in your body nothing on – but very often ruin what is still available. The path of limply fit is easier than you think. The most important thing is not your equipment, or grounds, or endurance sports have chosen you – the most important thing is your will. And it’s worth it: With consistent training, you can achieve in six to eight weeks, a performance of which you have only dreamed.

What You Should Know?


Whether cycling, running, jogging, swimming, Nordic walking or cross-country skiing – the classic endurance sports – important is the goal that you set out to do. And important is the observation of your pulse rate. Everyone is different, so you can not specify generally valid number. There are reasonable exercise instructions: When a heavy load laid your maximum heart rate and take away 70% as the value for a reasonable long-term stress.

Training Plan:

Your training plan should include a change in the load. There has to be lower with higher load days and days. You also need necessarily between workouts phases of peace and tranquility. Also, turn on training days, which are used for active recreation: Cosy cycling, a long walk, swimming. As a beginner you should not train more than three days a week. Later – if you feel that your training strikes – you can shorten the intervals yes.

Do not strain yourself. You need after training always have the feeling that you could have even more to do something.