Fear of skin cancer: When should I see a doctor?

The spring sun is often underestimated hopelessly: Sunburn is the painful result. Then the skin cancer risk increases. In what signs Fans of fresh air to look out and when should Burned see a doctor?

Prof. Christiane Bayerl, Director of the Department of Dermatology and Allergology, explains:

“There are people who have a lot of moles. If you look around, for example, in the pool then you will see certainly someone who has to 50 moles. These are people who have the syndrome of atypical nevi, as is the technical term. You have a higher risk of developing a melanoma from a preexisting mole, and have twice a year in any case for dermatological control.

skin cancerIn addition, there are people who do not have pigment spots on the skin – and suddenly but a melanoma develops.

Common skin conditions such as seborrheic keratosis, which are maturation disorders in the stratum corneum, can look just like a melanoma. However, they are benign and remain lifelong benign. Popularly they are called senile warts.

One should everything a slant occurs, when seeking medical attention. There are family doctors who have been trained in the dermatologist, you can go straight to dermatologists. One can not properly assess the as a layman. While there are auxiliary rules ABCDE rules by which to test how big the birthmark is, what color it is, whether the edge is sharply defined or not. These are crude tools to help you but not cope as a layman. Therefore, you should always go to a dermatologist in doubt. “

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