Can Sex Actually Increase Your Metabolism?

Oh. Wow. If ever words gave you permission to party like it’s 1962 on the weekends, it’s these. No, I wasn’t desecrating the backseat of the car. I was increasing my metabolism. Nope, wouldn’t dream of defiling your guest house. We were just increasing our metabolism!

Sex Metabolism

For all the jokes you can crack about it, the validity of sex as an actual exercise has been hotly debated for years. It’s about time someone found some answers. So what do you say we break out some myth buster of our own and see if this qualifies as fact or fiction?

When I first went out to research sex and its applicable roles in our pursuit of fitness, the first thing I found had nothing to do with burning calories. Instead, some studies claim that having sex on a regular basis can actually increase your lifespan.

From a cardiovascular point of view, sex is pure gold. Studies suggest that sex can double the rate at which your heart beats, bringing your pulse up to a moderate aerobic level.  It’s suggested that having sex three times a week can decrease your risk of heart attack by 30%.

The endorphins released during sex are also known to have a significant effect on the body’s stress levels. Stress can cause your body to retain weight, and we already know that it’s puts an incredible amount of undue pressure on the body’s organs. The human body wasn’t designed to function under the amount of stress we live with every day.

But wait. We haven’t even gotten to the good part. Apparently, having a 20 minute quickie at least once a week burns 7,500 calories a year. For those of you trying to do the math, according to Softpedia that’s the rough equivalent of jogging. For 745 miles.

How awesome is that?

Pair the aerobic activity involved in healthy, vigorous sex with the obvious strength building benefits and what you’ve got is a metabolic machine. I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that the long-term effects of regular sex on your body’s metabolism can only be for the good.