Any third party can not tolerate fructose

Fruit is considered healthy and should be on the menu daily. Almost every third American, however, comes with it can not cope. You brought the consumption abdominal pain, cramping and diarrhea. Behind this is a fructose intolerance – recognize the many after a long

Nutritionists recommended, loved by the Germans: 23.5 kilos eating apples each on average in this country within one year. Any other person receives the estimates of the nutritionist Christiane Schaefer anything but good. You suffer from fructose intolerance, also called Fructose Malabsorption.

Which foods cause the most problems?

It makes itself felt after eating particularly high fructose fruits like apple, pear, grape or kiwi, but can also occur after drinking fruit pulp, jams and jellies or fruit juices. How quickly then rebelled the body, is highly individual and depends not only on the amount of absorbed fructose, but also on the bacterial colonization of the intestine and other factors.

Restraint is necessary, however, not only in fruit but also in honey, as well as agave syrup, sodas or wellness beverages that often contain large amounts of fructose. In cereal the pain-causing substance hidden as well as in the dried fruit of the beloved cereals or pastries.

What are the symptoms?

“Abdominal pain to cramps, bloating and loud audible bowel sounds are typical symptoms” is how Antje Gahl of the German Nutrition Society (DGE) after the complaints. Permanent intestinal rumbling is thus a case for the doctor. In addition to diarrhea the victims can just make creating constipation. The chairs change in consistency, sometimes the afflicted feel the air would almost stuck inside and not come off.


What exactly is going wrong in the body?

Caused these are not around a current sugar digestion, which causes an improperly functioning transport system in the upper section of the small intestine. A special transporter called GLUT-5 transporter where he is responsible for an easier absorption of simple sugar. In individuals with a corresponding intolerance are of them, however, too few available. The start aching problems. For the removal can not be made from the small intestine, bacteria ferment the sugar not recorded inter alia hydrogen.

Even in healthy people, large amounts of fructose – in sequence, such as two full glasses of apple juice – exceed the absorption capacity of these transporters. “More than 35 grams of fructose per hour, a healthy adult not metabolize well. Persons who have a fructose intolerance, which is also called Fructose Malabsorption, however, already preparing much smaller amounts of problems,” says Antje Gahl.

What is the difference for fructose intolerance?

In addition to the malabsorption, there is the so-called hereditary fructose intolerance, wherein the fructose can not be degraded due to an enzyme defect in the liver. You manifests itself in contrast to the frequent incompatibility still in infancy by vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness or lethargy. Who suffers from this disease, which has to last a lifetime completely renounce fruits and fructose-containing foods in order not to risk liver and kidney damage. This form comes to assessment of nutrition expert Schafer ago at one of 20,000 newborns. They can be detected by a genetic test.

How to diagnose a fructose intolerance?

Also for the diagnosis of frequently occurring intolerance of fructose, there is a safe means of compliance. Internists and gastroenterologists come by means of a breath test on the track. For this, the person must drink a fructose solution. If the digestion of sugar Once in the intestine is not functioning properly, is produced by the bacteria in the large intestine digestion hydrogen. This passes through the bloodstream into the alveolar and can then be exhaled.

In a well-conducted H2 breath test is measured over two or ideally three hours on a regular basis, how much of exhaled hydrogen content. If there is an incompatibility, this value increases. In addition to the amount of gas the symptoms occurring also shed light on how difficult is the incompatibility with the respective patient. Should not be used this test in people with hereditary fructose intolerance. It could trigger them in a derailment of sugar metabolism and end in a coma.

What makes the diagnosis so difficult?

While a cup lemon sorbet at the weekend made no problems, it rumbles after just two balls of the icy enjoyment neat three days later in the bowels. A typical situation that makes it the victims so hard to find the cause of their symptoms. Perhaps solves not the lemon sorbet, but the total amount of fructose that was quickly taken up on each other. A glass of fruit juice or a handful of juicy cherries, which one can not resist, make the body of a Fructose Schwemme and then cause problems. Often also obscure the diffuse and non-specific symptoms of the disease. Who does not often happen to food diary that comes the problem on the ropes.Especially those affected frequently more sugar Recycling disorders as well as lactose intolerance – suffer or sorbitol – an intolerance of milk sugar.

Why you should avoid even sorbitol?

Even if sorbitol is tolerated, the sugar substitute can adversely affect people with fructose intolerance. Because he can in turn lead to diarrhea in larger quantities. Evil is also reflected another cross effect noticeable: sorbitol blocks the GLUT-5 transporter, which is necessary for the recording of fructose, and so can the DGE according to information the stomach and intestinal disorders amplify.

Why should victims still eat fruit?

That is why nutrition expert Antje Gahl recommended to be discontinued if the Fructose Malabsorption sorbitol and other sugar substitutes. But not on the other hand, fruit. This may sound again intimately because infected just in the simple sugars, the power to create the organism. But after a two-week absence of fructose should start under the guidance of the testing personally justifiable fructose and continue to eat fruit in this context advice of professionals concerned. So they not only ensure a continued good supply of water-soluble vitamins and minerals, but also that the number of too little existing fructose transporter not reduced nor.

“The fruits that taste more sour basically contain less fructose and can only be tolerated in small quantities,” said a tip of the Bonn nutritionist.Raspberries, blueberries, bananas, oranges or honeydew melon and pineapple are also included.

This can be done, so that the sugar is better tolerated

Another trick that makes the fruity temptations complaint poorer to eat the fruits together with fat and protein. Both serve as transport aids, because they stay longer in the digestive tract and thus lead to an improved fructose intake. While apricots can bring the intestines during digestion boil pure sensitive, they are, however, very well tolerated in natural yogurt. Improve the fructose intake can also by the simultaneous consumption of a small amount of glucose.

An untreated malabsorption leads to increased bacterial growth in the intestine and thereby overgrowth and bigger problems. With escalating complaints may become necessary antibiotic treatment. Even if then again fruit may be on the menu, from the most popular fruit, the apple, it will also not be more than one column.