How having an addiction to alcohol can affect your life

Addictions refer to substance dependence or behavior. Addictions come in many forms including addictions to alcohol, gambling, drugs, sex, spending, exercise, self-harm, Internet/computer games, work, bulimia & compulsive overeating and co-dependency & relationships. People with addictions lose control over what they do, take and use. The addictions get to a point where they become harmful.

In the past, an addiction was referred to as psychoactive substances that temporarily alter the chemical balance in the brain including some drugs, tobacco and alcohol. However, many of the healthcare professionals, psychologists and lay people insist that psychological dependencies on gambling, Internet, exercise, work, sex etc are counted as addictions.

alcohol affect your life

Alcohol affect your life

This is because they can result to feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety, rejection, failure, despair, hopelessness and/or humiliation. When an individual is addicted they lose control on how the use something, becoming dependent on it which often affects how they cope with their daily life. If you suffer from an addiction of any kind getting help is vital, click here to find a great site that can offer help and support.

Reasons having such alcohol can affects your life

A habit can develop readily into an addiction. Many people become involved in activities or the use of substances without experiencing significant problems. However, other people may experience damaging physical and/or psychological effects particularly when their habits develop into an addiction.

There is a difference between addictions and habits. Addictions entail a physical/psychological component. Therefore, the individual gets to a point where they are unable to control their addictions effectively, without assistance because of the physical or mental conditions that are involved. On the other hand, a habit is controlled by a choice. The individuals with a certain habit can, on their own violation choose to stop. They can subsequently stop the activity if they want. Therefore, the physical/psychological components are not an issue. In other words, with a habit an individual can control the choices while with an addiction an individual is not in a position to control their choices.

Addictions to activities or substances such as alcohol can result in serious problems socially, at work, home and school. The causes of addictions vary considerably. However, the causes are not fully understood. They are generally the result of a combination of mental, circumstantial, emotional and physical factors. In light of the fact that addictions are more than food, drugs or drinking, an addiction affects the way an individual thinks and behaves. Ultimately, the addiction affects every aspect of an individual’s life, including their loved ones. With time, an individual becomes preoccupied with their addictions.