10 tips to Relieve Headache Pain & Tension

10 tips to Relieve Headache Pain & Tension. For headaches often goes the first handle to the tablet. From time to time or in severe pain which is also attached. However, you should remember that there are next to headache pills also many other ways to relieve headaches. Especially if you often suffer from tension headaches, you should think about alternative methods. We provide you with the best home remedies before: With these 10 tips you will guarantee your headaches go!

For acute headache, it helps to take a few steps in the fresh air. Take a stroll or go for a run. The refreshed and ensures that the head is supplied with sufficient oxygen. In migraine, you should however be better without movement, because the complaints by usually worsen.

Exercise also helps in the neck-back area to prevent that is often triggers of tension headaches. Special stretching exercises to loosen already existing tensions and dispel the headache:

Baden relaxes the muscles

Headaches can be triggered by tensed muscles in your back and neck. In addition to stretching exercises also a warm bath can help to solve the spasms and relieve the headache. Ideal is a water temperature of 38 degrees. Bath products such as rosemary ensure that the muscles are better supplied with blood.

If you just do not have time for a bath, you can relax the muscles by a hair massage. Make circles the hair dryer on it, warm ‘and let the air flow for a few minutes at the back of the head, the neck and shoulders.

  • Turn standing upside as far as possible to the right, then as far as possible to the left.
  • Tilt the head slowly toward your right shoulder, then left towards shoulder. The view remains forward.

Coffee of the pain

Coffee increases the circulation to the brain and can thereby alleviate the headache. Particularly effective are strong coffees like espresso or mocha. Helps the coffee alone is not, you can still add a squeeze of lemon. This mixture should not only distribute tension headaches, but also relieve migraine attacks. Particularly well the treatment is having coffee with people who drink little or no coffee in general.

Cold washcloths

A cold washcloth has a soothing effect on headaches: Put the washcloth easily to his forehead and then rest a few minutes. Alternatively, you can hold your head under cold water briefly or equal to skip all the pitch. However, cold water can not only help you with external, but also internal application to evict the headache. It is often the results of complaints about low fluid intake are. Drink enough so – spread out over the day, it should be at least two liters.

Proper diet prevents headaches before

To relieve headache pain For headaches often goes the first handle to the tablet. From time to time or in severe pain which is also attached, you should not only drink enough, but also eat enough. Otherwise, namely, the blood sugar level drops and can cause headaches. Eat regularly so – preferably whole grains, as they keep the blood sugar levels over a long period stable. They are also rich in magnesium, which relaxes muscles and soothes the nerves.

If you suffer from frequent headaches, you should avoid sweet and fatty foods. Also, do not red wine, pork, wheat, ripe cheese and products with the flavor enhancer glutamate. These foods contain so-called biogenic amines’, which can promote the development of headaches.

Gentle massage

Try it for headaches but even with a gentle compression: Place your fingers on the pain points at the temples or forehead. Also massaging the pressure point between the eyes may help relieve the pain. Keep up the pressure for at least 30 seconds. The small massage can then be repeated as often.

If you often suffer from tension headaches, you may possibly also help an acupuncture treatment. To do so, consult a medical practitioner and be pleasantly surprised by this.

Relaxation is important

If you notice that you get a headache, you should let bygones be working for a moment. Give yourself a break and do some relaxation or breathing exercises. Well suited are autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen. If you have a little more time, a nap can work wonders. Well suited is a Power Nap not exceeding 20 minutes.

Peppermint relieves pain

For headache, it should not always be the same tablet. Try it first of all with a little peppermint oil. Apply the oil on the pain points just to temple or forehead and leave it there act. The oil relaxes the muscles and the cold sensors are activated. So the headache can usually quickly after. If you are allergic, you should use the peppermint oil first test in an inconspicuous area.

Tablets for severe pain

If you suffer from severe headaches, you can still resort to a headache tablet. Effective include medication with aspirin or acetaminophen. Does not access directly the first hum back to such means – but do not wait too, until the pain is unbearable.

It is important that you do not often take headache tablets. Who takes painkillers per month to more than ten days, running namely danger thereby induce painkillers caused headaches and thus worsen the symptoms yet.

With frequent complaints to the doctor

If you suffer from frequent headaches or pain are particularly strong, a visit to the doctor is recommended. In addition to the family doctor may be a visit to the ophthalmologist and the dentist makes sense. Namely headaches can be triggered by a low vision as well as stress factors in the jaw.